Experience the boundless potential of creativity in every aspect of your life. I am on a mission to ignite everyone's inner creativity for an improved well-being.
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Characterized as a creativity enthusiast, Faizan's life was transformed when he stumbled upon an incredible Masters of Science program in Creativity and Change Leadership. Since then, he has made it his mission to share his knowledge and coach individuals and organizations on how to unlock creative potential.

Faizan's diverse career routes, including being a Mathematics graduate from the University of Waterloo, a digital marketing professional, a self-taught computer programmer, and a UX designer, had him realize an essential need was missing; the need to think creatively. After years of frustration throughout multiple endeavours, Faizan’s studies and exploration of this superpower, led to so much untapped potential and fulfillment. He had no choice but to share this knowledge with others. He is now passionately spreading the knowledge of using creativity as a tool to live a more productive, more efficient and more meaningful life, through his impactful and immersive coaching experiences.

Faizan is driven to make all the science based tools accessible to individuals and organizations to spark creativity for exceptional outcomes through his engaging coaching sessions.

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Reignite your creative potential through proven techniques to make it a part of your everyday life.

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Creativity is an essential part of our lives. We are built to create and pursue great visions and endeavours. All humans are innately creative, however our creative instincts tend to fade off as we weave ourselves into the worldly systems amidst which we live, but it shouldn't be that way.

Are you someone who.....

  • would like to be more creative?
  • always feels burnt out and wants to do creative work but not sure how to?
  • is always tired of a working day and wants to start thinking creatively to deal with challenges?
  • feels stuck in ambiguous situations?

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Creativity and Innovation For Your Business

Foster creativity amongst your team and witness the exceptional and unimaginable outcomes.


Creative thinking results in great innovations. Effective teams are the ones which are highly motivated, driven and acquire a set of tools and proven techniques to produce exceptional results. A great business is always in need of constant innovation and an inspired team to make it happen.

Does your business needs...

  • a facilitator for your idea generation and brainstorming workshops?
  • to enhance your workforce creativity and productivity?
  • access to problem solving methods, processes and tools to foster growth and success?
  • to enhance your employees' mindsets and ensure higher engagement, participation and results in your key initiatives?

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'Faizan delivered a great session on Using the Power of Sounds and Noise to Explore Inner Creativity. He engaged the audience in the process and highlighted the personal and individual nature of the audiences' perspectives on sound. The session was thoughtful and enlightening.'

- Florida Creativity Conference participant

'Faizan led a session for our team of about 7 people and catered the session to specific problems we were facing. Throughout the session, Faizan led us through a process for creative problem solving to help us hone in on the problem at hand and brainstorm solutions. Faizan gave us the necessary tools and resources to continue the process on our own to improve how we work and think together as a team, but we were also able to arrive at a new understanding of what "creativity" means and use it in the classroom to develop creative thinking in our students.'

- Secondary Teachers Education Program (STEP) workshop participant

'Faizan was very passionate about his work, he is quick to learn about his audience and enthused to facilitate arriving others to a well-thought-out solution to any issue at hand, he is a great resource to turn to.'

- Secondary Teachers Education Program (STEP) workshop participant

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