Unleash your trueself with your
inner creativity




Creativity plays a crucial role in today's world, especially in organizations. With rapidly evolving technology and markets, businesses are faced with the need to constantly adapt and innovate to stay ahead. This is where creativity comes in, as it allows individuals and teams to think outside the box and generate unique ideas and solutions. Encouraging creativity within an organization can lead to increased productivity, improved problem-solving, and ultimately, greater success. In addition, creativity fosters a positive work culture that values individuality, diversity of thought, and continuous learning. By embracing creativity, organizations can stay competitive and thrive in an ever-changing world.

It's never too late to recognize the need to rekindle your creative mindset to tackle the most urgent problems. Everyone should be skilled and proficient in the process of solving complicated challenges that we all face on a daily basis.

Your creative journey is just waiting to be explored. Let's collaborate and awaken the creativity that your organization, projects, and ventures require. By doing so, you won't just enhance your organization's performance, but also create a positive impact on the world by igniting the creative spark.



Meet Faizan, a creativity enthusiast whose life was transformed when he stumbled upon an incredible Masters of Science program in Creativity and Change Leadership at SUNY Buffalo State University. Since then, he has made it his mission to share his knowledge and educate individuals and organizations on how to unlock their creative potential.

Faizan's diverse career routes, including being a Mathematics graduate from the University of Waterloo, a digital marketing professional, a self-taught computer programmer, and a freelance UX designer, made him realize the need for creative thinking in every step of his journey.

This "Aha" moment drove him to study creativity, and he has been on a fulfilling journey ever since. Faizan experiences a sense of great achievement when he is able to impact someone's life through the power of creativity. He loves to collaborate, share knowledge, and strategies to help unleash the power of creativity.

Let Faizan help you embark on your own creative journey and unlock your potential today!



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